Harland Works
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The area that Harland Works is in has been called ‘Little Sheffield’ or the ‘John Street Triangle’. Close to London Road and Bramall Lane it is nonetheless a little off the beaten track and attracts businesses looking for more affordable workspace including as makers, craftspeople, artists and musicians among others. Within a stones throw of Harland Works is Portland Works – home to a community of over 50 tenant businesses who, together, bought the building from the landlord in 2013; Stag Works – home to more bands per square foot than any other building in Europe (apparently!).


While the benefits of being off the beaten track appeals to many of our tenants, some need an instantly recognisable location for their business. In recognition of this we invest in an ongoing publicity programme using social media, flyers, posters and a good old fashioned chalk board in the courtyard to raise the profile of the building, its tenants and events happening here.


Harland Works houses a range of businesses and communities; the success of the building depends on the success of its tenants. We aim to attract tenants whose business requirements will be well suited to what the building offer; and once tenants are here we will listen to any idea on ways the building can adapt to offer them more benefits.


Harland Works is work in progress; lots of the building has been refurbished over recent years whilst ensuring that we retain its character. Working with property surveyors BNP Paribas we have put together a 10 year maintenance plan which tenants contribute to by paying a service charge. Some tenants have played a role in helping the building improve by investing along with us in refurbishing their units to develop spaces which, when finished, give them a unique space which truly reflects their businesses.


Networking has proven benefits for businesses – and people - and we believe in its benefits! Harland Works is plugged into local networks and regularly hosts networking events for the city’s charities and community organisations with plans to launch one for the start-up and business growth community soon.

Harland Works was recently featured in the Sheffield Telegraph's favourite things