Harland Works


"We are home to a diverse range of businesses  tucked away in  the heart of Sheffield" 

Units to let

We are currently FULL but we have new units coming up in the Summer 2018 - use the form on our home page to tell us what you're looking for and we'll be sure to send you info when we have it. 


Harland Works is one of many buildings in Sheffield with links to the cutlery trade, like its neighbours Portland Works (where Sheffield lad Harry Brearley invented stainless steel) and Stag Works (stag antler horn was used for the handles of cutlery). 

Centered around a courtyard, the buildings are now home to nearly 20 independent Sheffield businesses and a cafe. Find out about current tenants or let us know what you're looking for if you are interested in finding a new home for your business. 


  • We offer leases on a 4-year basis with a 'break clause' after 2
  • Building wide wifi 
  • Bike parking 
  • Waste and recycling collection provided by social enterprise Recycling Revolution.

Your responsibilities...

  • Be a good neighbour and play a positive role in the community of independent businesses based here
  • You pay your own business rates - more information here. All units are under the threshold to qualify for business rates relief.
  • You pay your own electricity based on individual meters per unit.
  • Keep your unit in good condition and comply with the requirements of your lease