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Get more done in your business - with less fuss

Have you tried using any of the popular online project management systems?

Popular names include: ClickUp, Wrike, Workzone, ProofHub, Meistertask, Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Monday .. and there are more.

They all hold out the promise of transforming you into a super organised business owner.

Over the years these promises have tempted me to try a few. Despite this, I am still happiest using a combination of handwritten lists and excel spreadsheets. My - very basic - approach is far from foolproof though. It’s not very shareable so it doesn't work well when more than one person is involved. It also doesn’t sync automatically with my calendar... this has led to one or two important appointments being missed;)

But I still think that these systems offer lots of potential. So I was interested to try a course by Nicola Taylor on how creative business owners can use Trello to plan for their Christmas sale season.

Nicola is a fine art photographer. Each year she brings out a Makers Yearbook for fellow creative business owners. It is always beautiful to look at - and gets rave reviews. People love using it because it helps them plan better in their business. Better planning leads to less stress, more profit ... and a renewed enthusiasm for their businesses again. What's not to like?

Nicola has a lovely way of making difficult business processes seem relevant and do-able. Her free 5 day course is easy to follow and packed with practical tips on how to use Trello.  It is inspiring me to look again at how I can get more organised.

If you'd like to be similarly inspired I recommend this course.  Even if you aren't a creative business with goods to sell over Christmas. It offers an easy to understand, practical insight into how you can use online systems to help make your business life more organised, and less stressful. And not just at Christmas!

Sign up to Nicola's free course here: