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Not just a venue, a partner too - why we chose to be a little different

Hi folks, Sarah Webb here. I’m new to the Harland Works team, but not so new to the scenery. After 18 months with current tenant Third Angel, I've moved on to take on new challenges. One of which was becoming Events Coordinator at Harland Works.

Now I've introduced myself, we can jump into what this blog post is really about. I wanted the opportunity to talk about the event offering we're developing here, and why it deserves some attention. We’ve recently opened the doors of our new event space to the public, and are currently working on enhancing our in-house event programme. In doing so, I’ve come to realise that we’ve naturally adopted a system that’s different (in a great way) to my previous experience and knowledge of venue hire.

We’ve all, somewhere down the line, hired a space for a meeting or event. Hopefully, the venue was what you wanted, and the staff were helpful, flexible, attentive and delivered what you agreed. But, how many hire venues invited discussion on the strategy, outcomes and support needed to make your event happen? Have they offered advice or help with promoting your event or business? Perhaps whether you're interested in collaborating on the event planning or future partnerships? You must have guessed by now that this is what we’re aiming to do.

Highlighted by IBTM, the industry is moving away from the traditional ‘customer-supplier’ relationship. The future points to collaboration with event planners for achieving the best possible ROI. We’re by no means the first venue to focus on this approach, but we're still ahead of the curve.

We’re not simply looking to run an event space for individuals and businesses to hire out. We want to work alongside our clients and create mutually beneficial relationships. We wish to spark a collaborative ethos for those running meetings, one-off events and classes in Sheffield. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy with the off-hand approach if that’s what suits the client. Though we’re eager to make it clear that we’re open for more, and what’s clearer than a set of bullet points? We want to:

  • hear your ideas

  • talk about your event’s potential

  • support the process of making it a reality

  • share resources, expertise and experience

  • help promote your event and mission

We’re on the lookout for talented and inspired individuals and organisations to work with. Together, we'd like to build events that serve the wants and needs of the Sheffield community. That aim to help local businesses thrive. Provide entertainment and learning for all ages, and bring exciting new opportunities to the area.

The Event Space @ Harland Works is open, what should we do with it?

You can find out more about the event space, use our online booking system and find details to get in touch with us here.

Sarah Webb