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There’s lots of opportunities to get involved with some of the events and classes happening here at Harland Works. We’ve also just opened our own event space so keep an eye on this page for new and exciting talks, workshops, socials and more.

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Heritage Open Day @ Harland Works

Harland Works was one of Sheffield's steel works, but has now been transformed into a community of 20 independent businesses. HoD invites you to see how tenants including bakers, yoga teachers, architects, animators, craftsmen, product designers make use of our building.

As well as visiting some of the tenants on site, the 30-minute tour will also take in the disappearing stairs in the floor, the original 1 ton safe we can't move, the first steel frame building in Sheffield (apparently) ... and what we found under the floor boards. We have a lovely cafe on site serving food and drink, so we recommend you include time to pause for refreshment (and cake) while visiting us.

For up to date info on the times of the tours, and to book a place, please contact Sophy on info@harlandworks.co.uk or give her a call on 07967 144230. Booking opens at 9am on 1st August 2019.

Everyone is welcome, but we can only take small group tours round the building so please book a ticket to be sure of a place on a tour (and please note, many units are only accessible via stairs).