Harland Works

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Fallen Giants

Fallen Giants make beautiful furniture from recycled wood. Johnny explains more in the interview below. You can see some pictures of Fallen Giant furniture below - and there's more to see on the website, http://www.fallengiantswoodworks.com/

Fallen Giant furniture 3.jpg

An inspirational writer’s desk

An inspirational writers desk made from oak kitchen worktop offcuts with old truck baton legs.

Length: 108cm Depth: 64cm Height: 76cm

For sale: £600

A coffee table with local history

Whilst rummaging through a local reclamation yard we discovered some beautiful iroko timber planks. In a previous life they were the banisters from the iconic Park Hill flats in Sheffield. We repurposed the timber into a table. The bolts holes were filled with oak dowelling to create an intriguing surface design that tells a story.

Height: 30cm Width: 100cm Depth: 44cm

For sale: £700

Karl Hallam