Monday, 26 January 2015

Musical goings on @HarlandWorks

On Friday 30th January we are pleased to be hosting a night of acoustic music (see poster below).

Last weekend we hosted a 12 year old birthday party (projected xbox gaming/karaoke/mayhem)

Running with Scissors ran a rather more civilised button hole and zip workshop.

It's a vey flexible space, that regularly hosts and of course Lego Club.

The building also hosts guitar lesson guru Scott ....

Get in touch if you think you want to book

Hand Of presents: A Concert Series

A Concert Series presents a run of carefully curated gigs in an old shop front. These nights will exhibit Hand Of’s finest selection of home-grown artists spanning genres and cities across The Midlands and The North. We like to think of them as affectionate, multimedia notes to Sheffield and its people.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Enterprising wheel spinners @HarlandWorks

New Year saw the arrival of here at Harland Works. Already the studio off the courtyard looks fantastic.

Sarah will be running classes and open studio sessions and firing up the kilns. It's great being able to see into the studio and see people getting a thrill from making stuff, like their neighbours Dan and Rick of I imagine some of our architect tenants won't be able to resist booking on to a course or two.

We are also welcoming another new tenant soon who is creative with fabrics ... which will complement Running With Scissors ( who offer craft workshops in the shop now.

This week architects are expanding again, which is always good news: a) as it is great to see a business doing well; b) they do such lovely funky stuff with their spaces.

Work also starts on the big room on the 2nd floor soon and we'll do a post on that excting new tenant very soon. To give you a clue, Yoganna love it!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Economic recovery in Sheffield - you and us in 2015

It promises to be a long 4 months until the 2015 General Election. This week the argument  has been about the NHS, but the main debate will no doubt be about the economy (stupid).

If you come and visit us at Harland Works on John Street you'll find a busy café (, a steady flow of tenants going in and out of the courtyard/up the stairs, people dropping off bikes with Dan and Rick (, bands popping up to the recording studio ( and then people appearing for meetings and courses in various spaces. The atmosphere is one of a industry and there is an optimistic feeling in the air with economic vitality tangible.

The mainstream media view of this tends to be very London-centric and brave reporters only seem to arrive in the North, in places like Sheffield, to illustrate the desperate struggles we face and then ask Nick Clegg what he thinks/is going to do. Harland Works' verve does not necessarily fit that narrative.

One economic impact that Sheffield is particularly feeling is the cuts in the public sector workforce. This has hit many families hard, but has also created opportunities for others, especially through the growth in self-employment.

Starting off as a self-employed person can be a daunting prospect ... marketing/winning work/delivering it/book-keeping/insurance and IT quickly fill up your time and of course nobody else does anything when you are not at your desk. And if your desk is actually at the dining room table or in a corner of a bedroom then it can be difficult to get others (if not yourself) seriously.

With hard work and some luck you can look to link up with/employ others and then you need are more likely to need an office of some sort. Here at Harland Works Ricardo ( and Alastair ( now have sizeable offices have started off with one desk a few years ago.

We love having businesses grow in our building, perhaps starting as hot deskers, getting small office and then almost a whole floor in some case or even (sadly) having to move out for more space (Imperial Signs and Tim Fish Design).

So, if you are reading this in your bedroom we'd love to meet up (our place not yours!) and see if we can play a part in your contribution to Sheffield's economic recovery.

Call Sophy 07967 144230 or tweet us @harlandworks.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 was great, join us in 2015!

2014 has been a great year here at Harland Works. Stimulating and fun events, exciting new tenants and the ongoing development of the building.
The Events/Workspace/Café approach  means there is always something going on, someone to talk to/do business/have a coffee with in and around the courtyard.

We have 2 office spaces available at the moment. Please call Sophy 07967 144230 to arrange a look round, as well as hot desking and meeting event room booking possibilities.

Norton Mayfield Architects continue to grow and are expanding their rather funky office in the new year. They added a LASER cutting machine and their model making is now very impressive.

Ares Landscape Architects are always busy too ... their work on the Scottish Commonwealth Games being particularly noteworthy. have just had a very busy time with Christmas being when everyone wants wonderful gifts from theie online wonderland.
The Third Sector Café has thrived, thanks to the hard work of Laura (@spikycomms) and Sophy ( and of course all their wonderful speakers and participants from across the City.

Tenants have come together on a sultry summer evening to build a pizza oven at the back of the courtyard and then joined us for carols with the Escalfeld Chorale.

@2Flystudio has had a busy year ... Reverand and the Makers were seen amongst other up and coming hopeful bands looking for some of Alan's magic.

Dan and Rick of Cycles in Motion aare always very busy (the tenants alone seem to create a lot of work ... must be that pot holed London Road), building as well as repairing bikes.

New tenants include Scott (, 6 artists, a ceramicist ... oh, and yes there is the monthly Lego Club (notionally for kids).

Early in 2015 work starts on an exciting redevelopment of the large room on the 2nd floor over looking John Street for a tenant we are very excited about, as are many of our tenants, who we expect to be in there. We cannot wait to the day we can say who it is!

So, 2014 was great, come and see us/join us in 2015!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Social Stitching on 16th October

We have a brilliant event coming up at Harland Works.

One of our lovely tenants - Running with Scissors - is turning 5 years old and hosting a Social Stitching & Crafting evening for charity.

If you have a project you'd love to start (or one that you'd love to finish) why not book a ticket for Thursday 16th October for some social stitching and crafting? You'll enjoy a friendly atmosphere at the Harland Cafe (with hot drinks, beer and wine for sale) and get the chance to swap tips whilst you sew (or glue, or stuff, or patch, or knit). Or if you need a sewing machine you can book a place in Spaceworks (our ground floor shared office space, where Running with Scissors is based).

And bring along your friends too - this evening is running from 5:30-9pm and will be raising money for the Micro Loans Foundation. Tickets can be found here, and the evening will include a stall selling crafty supplies (proceeds to Micro Loans Foundation) so you can stock up and donate at the same time!

Running with Scissors always runs workshops for crafty individuals at Harland Works, for a full calendar, click here.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn of Family LEGO® & Art Club

There were some tip top spaceships made at our Space Vehicles themed Family LEGO® & Art Club in September! Some made of bricks and some of card, glue, paint and glitter (with rainbow-coloured go-faster streamers on too).

It was great to hear the creators talking about their spaceships too - the symmetry of the design, the weapons on board and the defense shields too.

On Sunday 19th October we'll be hosting a Monster themed Family LEGO® & Art Club, where you'll be able to Make-a-Monster with artist Emma or build a whole family of critters from our LEGO® bricks - tickets are available now.

We're looking forward to seeing some Monsters!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Celebrating our tenants

We're celebrating summer achievements and welcoming new comers too!

Over the summer, Tim Fish Design celebrated getting a D&AD In Book award for their collaborative work on the Bac Advancing Back Care Shoulder Brace - see what it looks like here.

In addition, we're celebrating welcoming a new tenant - Scott runs Perfect Cadence (live music for weddings and other events) and will be based in Harland Works from October. Happy days!

If you are looking for a unit to rent, do get in touch and let us show you the spaces available.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pizza Party

Our courtyard pre-sprucing
Our courtyard sits between the two buildings that make up Harland Works (Harland Works and Clifton Works) and it is shared by all the Harland tenants. It's seen a lot of action, LEGO building, painting, drawing and also bike fixing.

The lovely Norton Mayfield Architects facilitated a workshop to plan the spruce-up of this communal space and Harland tenants stepped up to the plate on Friday 18th July.

Courtyard furniture designs by Norton Mayfield were built by Harland tenants (these benches have space for pots of herbs to be grown in - perfect pizza garnish!)
The completed tables were sanded and bunting (cut out by Harland tenants & stitched together by Running with Scissors) was hung up all over the courtyard.
Then of course we needed a pizza oven to fuel all the hard work... (click here to see the pizza production line)
The evening rounded off with a well deserved pizza party after a lot of work.
Well done everybody!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Fantastical Cities

What a wonderful Sunday on John Street.

Just in front of a real building site (dormant on a Sunday), there was a whole cityscape being constructed in record time. 

The Fantastical Cities event by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and SSA (Sheffield Society of Architects) was part of Design Week in Sheffield. Fantastical Cities was a chance for families to build their own buildings as part of one big cardboard city on John Street, with the road closed off, it gave everyone a large space to build on. We learnt that foundations (gaffer tape) are important for tall buildings to survive the Sheffield breeze!

The city was mapped out in chalk, with roads and rails set out to connect all the buildings together - even complete with bridges and zebra crossings. There was a choice of supermarkets alongside a church, a cinema, a hotel and a variety of sky scrapers. Entertainment was aplenty too, with a cinema, swimming pool and ferris wheel. No need to worry about powering all these buildings either, as a power station, power lines and pylons were also constructed.

It really is amazing what you can make out of cardboard, tape and lots of imagination. Thank you to all the families that came and built a new city on John Street - see more pictures on our Harland Works Twitter page.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sprucing up our spaces

We love our shared office space Spaceworks so much that we are turning a whole new room in to more friendly work space.

Our article in the Sheffield Telegraph (out today!) tells more about how important we think shared office space can be for freelancers and business owners.
"I get space to get a second opinion, inspiration or have a laugh"
Laura Lashmar, Spiky Communications
So we are now offering Spaceworks members a wider variety of rooms, quiet rooms, chatty rooms, large rooms and cosy rooms. Depending what you are up to that day - Skype calls, cramming for a deadline, bouncing ideas around, there is a room to suit!

If you'd like a change from working from home, why not try Spaceworks for a half day (4 hours) for free during June 2014? Or drop by Harland Works for a chat and to have a look around our friendly shared office space.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

More than office space ...

If you have been following out twitter feed you'll know we have a unit free at the moment. It's exciting as it is street facing and would suit office/retail or something we've never even thought of.

The important thing is that it's not just office space that is on offer ... it's the opportunity to join a great bunch of people who work, rest and play Harland Works. The courtyard is a great meeting point and people know each other and take the time to catch up/drink coffee and come up with ideas to make things better.

If this sounds good to you give us a call .... 07967 144230.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sheffield Yoga School at Harland Works

We've been hearing calls for a lunchtime yoga class so we've teamed up with Sheffield Yoga School to offer a free taster session in Spaceworks on Thursday 22nd May 12-1pm.

The session will be Satyananda Yoga with a focus on posture work (perfect to counteract the slumped-over-the-laptop pose) and a strong emphasis on breathing practices and Yogdeep relaxation and meditation.

Chris Noon will be running the sessions, he first qualified to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga, and he then completed a Satyananda Integration Course with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati and now teaches in the Satyananda tradition. Chris is an experienced teacher and a director of Sheffield Satyananda Yoga School.

If this free taster session proves popular then we will have a weekly lunchtime yoga session (it needs at least 10 people per session to run) on Thursdays 12-1pm - happy lunchtimes for only £5 on a drop-in basis.

Please get in touch if you'd like to come along to this free session, or would be interested in taking part in a more regular session. Some mats will be provided, but if you have your own, please bring it along.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Shop unit to rent

Here at Harland Works we have a retail opportunity available. Imperial Signs on John Street are moving to a new (larger) unit soon, which means we have a retail shop unit becoming available - currently at 1, 437 sq ft. 

If you are a business that is interested in a new space, or know of anyone that is interested in a retail unit at Harland Works, please mention us to them and get in touch to have a look around the space or find out more details - call Sophy on 07967 144230.

Harland Works is nicely situated on John Street between GO Outdoors and Bramall Lane, a great location close to London Road.

Unit plan of 72 John Street

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lego in The Star!

We are so chuffed that our popular Family Lego Club has been featured in The Star, if you've not bought a copy (25th March edition), you can read the article here.

On Sunday 23rd March, Harland Works hosted 25 children and lots of parents at Lego Club, as well as a reporter and photographer from the paper.

As usual, we were very impressed by the children's creations (spaceships, war scenes, racing cars, houses and jungle scenes) but we were also blown away by an adult's model of Luigi.
We also utilised our table tennis table in the courtyard for some friendly team competitions - who can build the longest string of bricks in 30 seconds?! 
If you fancy building at our next Family Lego Club (Sunday 13th April) - book your place on Eventbrite here.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Build a Lego Club

Sunday 23rd February

After a great January event, a few parents and children are getting together to build our family Lego Club and discuss what we’d like to see happen in our new club in 2014.
This FREE session (2-4pm) will start off with some planning activities... and then get down to some Lego-ing. All ages and ideas are welcome, please book a place on Eventbrite and come along to Harland Works, 70 John Street, S2 4QU.
We'll be using our new events space in Harland Works - Spaceworks - for this event, it's big enough to accommodate all kinds of Lego fun and comes complete with giant chalk boards to scribble down any ideas!

We'll be tweeting throughout the event, showing off everyone's creations and ideas - follow us here!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Family Lego Club - January

Well well, barely into the new year and things are happening on the Lego front - how marvellous! 

Our first Family Lego Club of 2014 was simply great - hosted in our brand new Spaceworks room with brilliant AFOL facilitator Tim - everyone got creative.

To your left you can see a jungle masterpiece and 2 spaceships (fully able to fly) that were crafted by some Lego Club attendees.

If your family fancy some Lego-ing fun then keep a look out on Twitter and Facebook for our next Lego event and make sure you book your place on Eventbrite too as tickets are not available on the door.

We are always looking for suggestions too - if you have any ideas for our Lego Club, please tell us! Just email: 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

[How-To] Make a Circus Big Top

Welcome to our first How-To guide! 

Introducing: How to make a Circus Big Top.

You will need: card, paint or crayons, scissors, glue, paper, paperclips.

  • Firstly, draw a circle about 20cm wide on some paper and give it a frilled edge, like the one in the picture. This is your template for your Big Top roof!

  • When you are happy with your roof shape, trace around your paper template on to some card.

  • When you have traced the roof, cut it out with your scissors. Be careful!

  • Choose your favourite colours and either paint your Big Top roof, or colour it in with crayons.

  • Next, cut from the edge of your roof straight into the middle of the circle, and then create a cone shape by sliding one edge under the other. 
  • When you are happy with your roof, stick it in place with glue - you can use paperclips to hold everything in place while the glue dries.

  • Now use some more paper to work out a template for your Big Top sides.
  • Roll the rectangle into a cylinder like the picture above and make sure it fits into the roof that you have made. 
  • Now trace round your template onto card and decorate it with paint or crayons, (you could draw a crowd watching the circus on the inside) and remember to cut a door out, so that all the animals and performers can get in! 
  • Stick the edges of the rectangle together, using paperclips to help keep it in place like you did with the roof. 

Now place the roof on top of the sides of your Big Top, and there you have your Circus Big Top! You can take the roof off to spy on the circus.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Calling all makers, crafters, artists and sellers!

Our lovely Harland Works courtyard 

Are you an artist, maker or crafter? Do you sell your own handmade products? Are you looking for fresh crowd and new venue to sell to?

Then please read on...

Harland Works hosts Family Sundays every month, bringing families with children aged 3-11 to have some fun and get creative around a particular theme; we've had Roald Dahl, Spooky Science, Media Magic, Puppet Making and Sound Sculpture. Attendance rates vary, our most popular event having over 100 children, equating to around 50 families.
Now we are looking to expand the event to include an outdoor market of 5 stalls who could sell from 11am-3pm in our courtyard space. The stall price would be £10, and the provision of covered stalls is negotiable.

If this sounds like something your business (or anyone else you know) would be interested in, please do get in touch...

Contact Sophie on 07565 291 590

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Circus School - Sunday 24th November

Family Sunday Circus School on Sunday 24th November.

Ever fancied running away to join the circus?? Well now is your chance!

Build your own mini Big Top workshops (limited places, on a first come, first served basis).

Become a part of the circus with face painting and dressing up from Common Thread Clothing-Exchange.

Make your own clown hats and bow ties and grow tall into a circus performer and build your own stilts.

The Lego Lounge returns, why not try and build your own circus?

Shhh shhh, enjoy a moment with your little ones in our Story Corner.

Doors are open from 11am - 3pm.
Tickets cost £3 per child.

Follow the event on Facebook for all the latest information.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Spooky Science - next Family Sunday 27th October!

Join us for a day of spooky science family fun from 11 am until 3 pm on Sunday 27 September at Harland Works. Tickets cost £3 per child and most activities are drop in - apart from the make-a-potion and make-an-exploding volcano workshops which you need to sign up for when you arrive (first come first served).