Harland Works
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Use our Events Space to fundraise for your charity - for free!

Are you involved with planning fundraising for a charity? 

We’d love to encourage more local charities to get to know our new Event Space and see if it’s a venue they could use for future events or meetings they might be planning. 

To get some insight into how booking our Events Space might help with meeting fundraising targets, we asked a friendly experienced fundraiser we know if she could come and take a look for us. 

She did - and she gave it the thumbs up… with the exception though that because we are a former steel works we have some steep stairs and are NOT accessible for people in wheelchairs. Sorry about this :( 

As a result of her visit she kindly helped us come up with a handy list of 10 different ideas for ways charities could use our Event Space to fundraise - based on ideas she has used successfully in the past..

We’ve put these together in a handy pdf which you can download HERE.

OFFER - apply to try out our space for free for your fundraiser!

Do you have a fundraising idea? Would you like to run it in our Event Space - for free?

To encourage charities to try us out, we’re running a promotion where we are looking for 1 event booking a month to give away for free to a charity (or social enterprise or other not for profit) who is interested in using us for the first time. 

We’d love to support some great local causes, hear more about how you’re planning to make use of our Events Space to fundraise and see what we can do to help you hit your targets. Please get in touch to see what we can do to help. And if you’d like to apply to be one of our free charity event bookings, please fill in our Google Form here - it takes no time at all and just asks you to tell us a bit about yourself, your cause and your idea(s).

If you have any questions or would like to view/book our Event Space, please email our Event Coordinator Sarah Webb on events@harlandworks.co.uk or give her a call on 07745 482027

Interested? Why not have a go - you never know you could be successful!